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2nd age kitten, from 4 to 12 months:

 The definitive teeth appear. If the new adult teeth are protected during this period, the early onset of tooth and mouth disorders can be prevented.
 The kitten's digestive ability improves: she assimilates some nutrients such as starch increasingly well.
 Her growth continues at a slower rate up to the age of 1 year: her bone structure is gradually consolidated and her muscle mass develops. She still has high energy requirements, although they decrease slightly.




Kibble shape and texture ideally suited to the kitten's final dentition.

Tooth and mouth hygiene promoted by a supply of calcium captors (sodium phosphates) to slow tartar deposit.
Maximum digestive security by means of an exclusive combination of ingredients (fructo-oligo-saccharides, beet pulp, fish oil and very higly digestible proteins)
 A unique formula to help build the kitten's natural defences.

Royal Canin Kitten (36) Complete Kitten Food

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