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Excellent feeder insects

- Quiet

- Unable to jump

- Very nutritious

- Other sizes available


Monkfield Large Dubia Roaches are approximately 25-30mm long and are available in a pack of 8.

A large sized species of cockroach, Dubia Roaches are easy to handle, very nutritious and easy to digest. A great alternative to crickets as they do not jump and they are silent! 

Care Instructions: As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in bran, ensure the cockroaches are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 70 - 75F (21 - 24C) and away from bright light.

To encourage the maximum shelf-life, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add a slice of apple or potato to provide moisture.

Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.

Large Dubia Roaches

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