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Ferplast Swing Line 7 Set Cat Door.

Universal fitting.
Swing can fit any door: wooden, metal, glass,
walls or screens.
4 way locking system.

Last in or out indicator: It is a system that
will help you to know whether your pet is
indoors or outdoors. A quick glance is
sufficient: The 'flag' on the bottom part of
the flap will point in the last direction in
which your pet went through the flap after it
is closed.

Magnetic System: It is a small and handy tab
to be attached to the pet's collar. The
magnetic key allows the pet to open the flap
simply by approaching it.

Gently controlled closure.
Full magnetic seal.

Actual size of transparent flap Height 14.8cm 
Width 14.5cmcm

Depth 10.4cm

Height: Overall 25.2cm

Width: Overall 22.5cm

Ferplast Swing 7- 4 Way Locking Magnetic Cat Flap

SKU: 72104011/12-MW